Connect Product Planning to Development Execution, Automatically

Focus on the work and let the power of AI handle project management


The Problem

There's no live view of work

Project timelines and status are all manually updated best guesses. Scrum requires a layer of translation between tech team progress and stakeholder views of project status. Risks in project delivery are often not identified until late in the process. 


Information is disconnected 

Strategic product plans and company goals are tracked and managed separately from the actual front-line decisions and daily work. The impact of priority changes and decisions on plans and dependencies is not well understood or easily communicated.


It's a lot to manage

There's nothing that helps guide your end-to-end software development process effectively. Existing tools and spreadsheets require manual follow-up to get the information managers and stakeholders need.


The Solution

That is why we created Devplan.

Devplan is an AI project manager that automates common software development workflows and gives team members and leaders real-time status, risks and timelines from the tools already in use 

Workflow Co-pilots

Leverage company-specific AI assistance to set goals, create plans, schedule work and execute tasks

Automated Status

Save time with AI-generated status, risks and timelines from existing tools like Git, Jira, Figma and Notion

Async Management

Keep track of it all with structured check-ins that get updates from the right people at the right time

The Product in

All planning and execution, connected in one place, driven by AI.


Product Roadmaps

Team Plans

Project Execution

Status Reports

Follow-ups & Reminders


Eliminate project management overhead so you can focus on what matters

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