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At Devplan, we believe agreements and processes create the foundation of humankind’s greatest achievements. We deploy the best practices from the tech industry's top companies to help startup leaders achieve their technical and product goals faster.

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What we do


Our technical and product expertise will accelerate growth and streamline software development in your company.

Software Development Process
Leverage best practices from top companies

Access proven agile development playbooks to align your tech team execution with your business goals. Get your team set up with an execution cadence that optimizes efficiency and keeps everyone in the loop.

Code Review Process
A/B Testing
Release Management
Product Strategy and Roadmap
Optimize development plans to support your company goals

Build a product roadmap that your team feels accountable to and is inspired to deliver on. We'll help you create a framework for making key prioritization decisions that allows you to best leverage your technology.

Roadmap Prioritization
Strategic Planning
Project Management
Hiring and Team Management
Build your team with the right talent

Your people are everything. We can help with setting up a talent strategy to attract and retain top talent. This includes creating an optimal organizational design, an enticing company profile and working with recruitment shops and offshore firms.

Hiring Strategy
Compensation Philosophy
Outsourcing Approach
Offshore Team Management
Technical Platform Architecture
Avoid Costly Platform Decisions

The platform choices you make may stick around longer than you might think. These can have a lasting impact on your company’s success and ability to scale. Leverage our expertise to help make the right architecture and build vs. buy decisions.

System Architecture
Platform Decisions
Programming Language Selection
Fundraising Strategy
Get advice from people who have been there

Demystify the fundraising process and what it takes to raise a round in today’s market. Get expert pitch deck feedback, narrative coaching and help with a game plan for your upcoming fundraising round.

Pitch Deck Feedback
Fundraising Process Coaching
Data Room Prep


I've been fortunate to spend two decades learning at some of the most successful and fastest growing companies on the planet. At the same time, I've had the opportunity to work with founders and other leaders as an advisor, board member and mentor.

During that time, I've come across many companies who can't get the experienced support they need, often due to the high cost and effort required to recruit top talent. Realizing this, I wanted to find a way to be able to help companies more easily access expert knowledge. This is why Devplan was created. Our goal is to level the playing field and disseminate expert knowledge that is locked up in the companies with an unfair capital and brand advantage.

Building and growing a company is hard work. At each phase there are new challenges. Once things seem stable, there is a new challenge or growth hurdle to overcome. I’ve been through many of these journeys and have had the privilege of leading teams and product development at some of the most successful tech companies in the industry including Microsoft, Amazon, Uber and Zillow. I’ve built the entire product offering and team for a unicorn startup as CTO at Lessen. I’ve seen the challenges that arise and what has worked at both small and large scale endeavors and how difficult the journey can be. This is what inspired me to pursue a new mission: help others overcome the hurdles at every stage of their product development journey.

No matter what stage of the business journey you're in, my team and I would love to help you. We can be your expert resource on how to set up your team, launch your idea, build a scalable process or make key technical and hiring decisions. When you need help, give us a shout, our experience and insights can be the difference in what catapults your business to the next level!

Chris BeeChris Bee
Devplan Founder

How It Works

We work with clients either as an Advisor or as a Consultant. While every engagement is unique, there are a few standard approaches we follow.

Advisor: In this approach, we typically work 2-4 hours a month in exchange for equity over a longer period of time. 

Consultant: As a Fractional CTO/CPO we will typically work 20-40 hours a month for an hourly rate on a short-term basis.

There are often combinations of these engagement models that make sense as well. Contact us at to discuss your specific needs.


First, we start with building a joint understanding of the company’s mission, vision and values. Next, we work together to clearly define target customer segments, what drives the company’s revenue, the growth strategy and how the company differentiates from competitors. Finally, and most importantly, we focus on how technology can be an accelerator to the business and the biggest product challenges currently being faced.

Strategy Development

Armed with an understanding of the business and the goals for the technology, we determine the biggest areas of focus for the tech team and outline the themes for our work together. These can range from developing a roadmap and prioritization framework, creating a scalable technical architecture, building an org plan including how to hire key team members and defining the most efficient software development processes.


With the strategy outline in place, we move to execution of what we’ve identified as the top themes. Deliverables in this phase can range from strategic plans, tech architecture diagrams, design recommendations, roadmaps and development processes from requirements gathering to release management.

Establish Repeatable Process

Along the way, we document our recommendations, train team members and ensure everything we implement is repeatable. For example, we ensure your product team can run the goal setting, roadmap and planning frameworks we develop together or that your engineering team can run the project management, code review and release processes we help define. We want to make every theme we identified as an area to focus on in discovery to be a new strength for your company. 

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