Put your product development process on autopilot

Devplan uses AI and a guided approach to help teams run more efficiently

Okapi Dashboard

Automatically keep your OKRs, roadmap and team plan in sync

Remove the manual work required to align planning and status reporting

Adjust quickly when needed

Devplan uses notifications and status reports driven by AI to know when projects are are off-track or need attention

Align your cross-functional org

Stakeholders get complete visibility into product development team work and how it aligns with company goals

Leverage high-performing teams

Devplan is based on best practices of the most successful high-growth tech companies in the world

Collaboration tool


Create aligned goals that inspire your organization

  • Clearly align your OKRs with product development priorities
  • Communicate results through scheduled updates
  • Create clear expectations and accountability for owners
Collaboration tool


Roadmaps from reality, not best guesses

  • Leverage AI-driven updates that send status updates
  • Get accurate timelines at each phase of development
  • Remove manual effort to keep projects on track
Collaboration tool


Allocate your team to the most important work

  • Plan development, design and PM allocation directly from your roadmap priorities
  • Leverage AI-driven insights to predict areas of risk
  • Get a clear understanding of investment by initiative area
Collaboration tool


Get the right information to stakeholders

  • Automate status updates and risk understanding driven by sentiment analysis from daily updates
  • Get instant progress updates sent on the cadence you choose
  • Utilize smart nudges to ensure updates are gathered at the right time

Devplan reduces planning and tracking overhead so you can focus on what matters


Get your tech team running like a well-oiled machine

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