Why Devplan works

Beat expectations with high-performing teams

Devplan puts the focus on teams’ cross-functional outcomes that enable each collaborator for performance evaluation, measurement, tracking, and change behavior when necessary for better teams’ productivity and OKRs management.


Devplan promotes cross-functional alignment

  • Shared Purpose - By limiting the cascade of objectives, organizations are steered towards creating cross-functional, or shared, objectives that maximize resources towards common problems
  • Shared Results - Because the objective is cross-functional, so are the measures of success. Teams share in both wins and failures.
  • Shared Accountability - Initiatives by function create lines of responsibility towards success that create individual accountability. This accountability creates a culture of commitment.


Measuring and tracking won't be enough to get you there

We've built Devplan to allow teams to have early insights into how they're tracking towards success; but tracking won't be enough.

  • Qualitative - Quantitative data is valuable but Okapi also allows collaborators to give their honest confidence levels weekly
  • Listen - Use feedback you receive from internal and external stakeholders 
  • Respond - As you historically track qualitative and quantitative measures, empower teams to change behavior when their objectives and measures appear to be off track

Devplan is free for all teams

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