Set your team goals without the overhead

Track your goals easily and focus on the right metrics without the overhead of bulky frameworks

Okapi Dashboard

Why Okapi?

Okapi uses your strategy to create goals and help teams better align, take action, and measure what really matters. Okapi dashboard and its framework help your team in OKRs goal setting for best performance and results.

Based on principles of high-performing teams

Designed around best-practices of the most effective organizations, we stand by our principles in everything we do

Aligns your organization cross-functionally

Cross-functional objectives work by creating alignment and shared accountability across multiple functions

Enables your teams to pivot quickly when needed

Measuring progress isn’t enough; Okapi enables your team to know and change behavior when strategies are off-track

Collaboration tool


Your team's operational dashboard

  • Provides insight and tracks progress for north-star metrics
  • Create alignment from the top-down around key objectives
  • Context for how your team is tracking towards outcomes
  • Empowers employees to take action to contribute to the organization’s success
Collaboration tool


Put your team’s focus on outcomes and not outputs

  • Cross-functional objectives align teams to work together with a purpose
  • Each function contributes to objectives by creating initiatives, tracking progress and confidence
  • Track multiple lines of effort towards objectives across each function
  • Create a culture of accountability and responsibility among collaborators
Collaboration tool


Measuring weekly progress isn't enough

  • Create a focus on results with clear measures of success for every objective
  • Motivate your team with leading indicators based on their efforts
  • Improve decision-making by knowing if metrics are on track or if a change in initiatives are necessary
  • Objective indicators roll-up to your organization’s dashboard to ensure full transparency 

Stop micromanaging, start empowering


Okapi is free for all teams to use.

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