The Devplan Method

Your guide to running high-performing product development teams



Devplan is a holistic approach to software development based on industry best practices focused on strong communication, clear expectations and reducing friction. Devplan is more than a Saas platform. The Devplan method is a structured approach to software development. Even with a well-structured platform in place, it is equally important that there is a corresponding philosophy on how teams should operate. When both platforms and philosophies are aligned, teams are able to run fast and efficiently while keeping everyone on the same page. Our mission is to reduce friction in modern software development and help companies create useful products that move humanity forward.

Different Information for Different Levels

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  • Vision

    A good strategy starts with the vision. The vision must serve the main purpose of unification and clear understanding of the company’s “why”. The vision should describe the customer problem, how the company is uniquely going to solve it and how the customer should feel when interacting with the product experience. A vision must be a clear picture of the future that employees, investors and partners can get excited about as a worthwhile and lucrative cause to spend time and investment on. 

    The vision should come from the founders and the executive team. While it’s great to solicit input, leadership teams should avoid having too many contributors as it will lead to an unfocused view. It is essential that the senior leaders of the company fully embrace and buy into the vision and can drive it within their teams.  

    Tactically, the vision statement typically will take a narrative format and fit onto 1-2 pages of text. It should be simple to understand and readable by any stakeholder. The vision will also manifest itself in multiple other areas including a company’s website, sales and fundraising decks and recruiting pitches. 

    For many companies that are already established, it may be the case that the vision is generally understood by employees, but not codified anywhere officially. In this case, it can be a useful exercise to go through the process of writing it down and getting buy-off as part of a leadership offsite or quarterly planning exercise.

  • Mission

    The mission statement is a single easy-to-remember statement that is related to the company’s vision. There are many examples of mission statements that you can find on the web for inspiration. Many companies will have mission statements, but they can also be created for organizations and teams in medium and larger organizations to align on their purpose.

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