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The QKW publishing system is intended to publish in a variety of formats and with the least possible effort. Whereas most publishing systems offer a luxurious array of features available through mouse clicks, the QK publishing system is designed to require the least possible effort while leaving generous possiblities for achieving very special publishing effects for those who wish to go to the trouble.

The greatest benefit of this approach is to the learning curve; one simply gets started faster. Moreover, many systems are used by people who do not use them continuously every day. For example, a project manager may use a system intensively for a day or a week or a month and then not return to it until the next round of decison-making on his project. Our approach means he is more likely to hit the ground running when returning to his project.

A second important benefit will be in our pricing structure. While our systems are available for the desktop computer running Windows today, in the future we will be part of the .net strategy where the most crucial and frequently updated parts of our systems will be accessed through a server on the internet. The parts of our system that do not need frequent updates and that are more dependent on the user will reside solely on the user's system and no server access will be required for their use. Special report formatting is certainly in this category, and so is the integration of information from our systems to other systems within the enterprise.

The formats we are developing in today are these:

  1. lineprinter (a monospace literal matrix print facility)
  2. Causeway NewLeaf & RainPro (really lovely printing)
  3. Causeway PDF (a very high level of security plus e-mail distribution)
  4. SVG (the next generation of web graphics)
  5. APL2000 grid control (allows edit & refresh)
  6. Excel (what everybody is using now)
  7. HTML
  8. Javascript/Jscript/Jsave (.net strategy)
  9. Lescasse Objects

The architecture of our systems includes a distinct break between work that is intensely dependent on our calculating engine and our proprietary databases and work that is not. Information is passed across this break in a special format presently called "M3M". When it is passed from server to client the format will be called "W3W".

More documentation of the means by which information is stored and transferred is presented in "M3M", "qkkNMS" and "M1M".

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