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ProCash, an Economic Model for Income Properties

Rent-up from Project Opening

The easiest way to input rent-up assumptions is to use AVI[29] as vacancy at opening and AVI[28] as the number of months required to reach "normal" vacancy.

Sometimes it is desired to input the first several periods of a projection as specific amounts. This might be desired where income and expense have been carefully estimated in project budgets, or where they are contractually fixed. In this case, the input array RU can be used to force into the model the desired data. RU is a two row matrix. The first row is used to define rental income for as many periods as RU is columns wide. The second row of RU is used to define operating expense similarly.

AVI[28]Mos. after open to realize expected income 337  4
AVI[29]Vacancy at opening as a decimal of total $ 337  4
OM[;8]Oper. budget: Basis code if item is expressed as a rate 337  1
AVI[52]Utilities, R.E.taxes, insurance as % of oper.expense 337  
RU[1;]Rent-up schedule: Income 337  
RU[2;]Rent-up schedule: Expense 337  

viewtypecase studyviewfile sizecomplexityhelp#comment
InputsSt. Lucie Warehouse(rent up cash flow) 4342 124 337 
Shelter School Renovation (L&H)(rent up cash flow) 4635 209 337 
ABCO Joint Venture (office)(rent up cash flow) 5721 478 337 

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