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ProCash, an Economic Model for Income Properties

Financing Fees

The easiest way to input financing fees is via AVI[127-130].

A more flexible way to input financing fees is through the array FINFEES. Fees can be assigned to specific chart of account codes, can be paid to financial participants, and can reference various bases for calculating the amount by this method. Each row of FINFEES is a different fee.

AVI[125]Points for Raising AVI[87] Equity Contribution 580  3
AVI[128]Points 1st Mtge at Const. Loan Settlem AVI[24] 580  3
AVI[130]Points 1st Mtge at Perm. Mtge.Close AVI[23 26] 580  3
FINFEES[;1]Financing fees: Chart of accounts code 580  1
FINFEES[;2]Financing fees: $ amount or rate 580  1
FINFEES[;3]Financing fees: Basis code 580  1
FINFEES[;4]Financing fees: Entity (partner) ID # 580  1
FINFEES[;6]Financing fees: When payable 580  1
FINFEES[;7]Financing fees: Portion to expense (rest is capitalized) 580  1
AVI[127]Points 1st Mtge When Perm. Deal Made AVI[25] 580  
AVI[129]Points 1st Mtge at Opening AVI[23] 580  

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InputsBelle Glade 72 Units Deal A(financing fees) 3159 17 580 
601 Liberty St. (office)(financing fees) 3404 36 580 
Executive Plaza (Under Const., office)(financing fees) 3501 57 580 
Windsong Housing Associates : LIHTC(financing fees) 3965 118 580 

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