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ProCash, an Economic Model for Income Properties

Development Budgets

Greater detail in budgeting is achieved with the use of CM, the "contruction budget matrix". The default chart of accounts includes approximately 100 budget line items which can be entered separately. Unit takeoffs and other bases for cost estimates as well as cost rates can be retained in CM. Default parameters for depreciation and other treatment of these accounts can be displaced if the user elects to do so.

CM[;1]Const. budget: Chart of accounts code 424  2
CM[;2]Const. budget: $ amount or rate 424  2
CM[;3]Const. budget: Entity (partner) which receives $ (if any) 424  2
CM[;11]Const. budget: Element of to which assigned 424  1

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InputsExecutive Plaza (Under Const., office)(capital budget) 3682 94 424 
Spring Valley Hotel(capital budget) 6862 346 424 
Windsong Housing Associates : LIHTC(capital budget) 7352 377 424 
Brandon Villas of Tampa (market housing)(capital budget) 6118 389 424 
Tower Point Apartments (detail)(capital budget) 11073 631 424 
BHP II Limited Partnership : LIHTC(capital budget) 12782 1039 424 

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