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ProCash, an Economic Model for Income Properties

Projection of Cash Flow During Construction

Construction costs can be scheduled using standard curves which have been prepared on a monthly or quarterly basis depending upon the type of project. As many different accounts as desired can be used.

As construction is completed, expenditures to date are recorded, and remaining funds are spread using the remaining portion of the standard distribution curves. The user also has the option of making up his own distribution curves.

These curves which schedule out construction expenditures are called QTR. QTR can be used in several ways. A simple way of simulating construction draws with ProCash© provides for eleven development cost accounts plus land and financing fees. The easiest way to use QTR is to schedule all costs (except land and financing fees) by these eleven categories (in this order).

Categories for Scheduling Costs by the Easiest Method

Commercial Projects Residential Projects

Field Expense Depreciable Assets Acquired Land Development Land Development Building Cost Building Cost Tenant Improvements Service Structures Architecture & Engineering Architecture & Engineering Elevator/Escalator Elevator/Escalator Furniture & Equipment Furniture & Equipment Misc. Administration Misc. Administration Dev. Costs Expensed Dev. Costs Expensed Grants & Reimbursements Grants & Reimbursements Contingency Contingency

AVI[135]Periods from Start of Analysis to Opening(MV[18]) 426  3
QTR Input:Schedule of const. expenditures (by item by period) 426  2
MV[18]Periods/Year for Development (for QTR,see MV[5]) COSTMV[3] 426  2

viewtypecase studyviewfile sizecomplexityhelp#comment
InputsBHP II Limited Partnership : LIHTC(construction schedule) 4098 185 426 
Belle Glade 72 Units Deal A(construction schedule) 5005 403 426 
St. Lucie Warehouse(construction schedule) 5536 436 426 
601 Liberty St. (office)(construction schedule) 7120 462 426 
601 Liberty St., Hotel Joint Venture(construction schedule) 7124 462 426 
Executive Plaza (Pre-Const., office)(construction schedule) 7633 539 426 
Executive Plaza (Under Const., office)(construction schedule) 7697 612 426 
Demo Mixed Use Facility(construction schedule) 12127 872 426 
ABCO Joint Venture (office)(construction schedule) 11191 1002 426 

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